Wednesday, December 30, 2009



India is a semi-slaved country.

There are thumb rules which are making our Justice System - Criminal Justice system etc.inefficient.

1> FIRST AND FORE MOST RULE - Get over colonial rules. Most of the problems in  the systems of police, judiciary and law making are because of sticking to old British rules which are contradictory to Indian context and which are contradictory to contemporary needs of society in India.

2> CULTURAL INTEGRATION - Contrary to other countries, in India people who are not integrated with Indian, Hindu and Hindi culture are awarded, rewarded,  they rule, they make laws. People who are integrated with  Indian, Hindu and Hindi culture are punished, de-motivated, and tortured.

3> Even if we can not dis empower those who are powerful and influential; we can empower those who are worthy and meritocratic. Common man is guilty and culprit of sabotaging the meritocratic people.

4> Be Patriotic. Value independence and sovereignty of the country.

5> Stop working for "Petty careers" It is clear cut trap of Imperialism. India is a semi-slaved country.
After the final  war it will be  fully slave or fully independent. It is up to you to be on which side.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

No one should die in deadly cold of winter

Today I wish to write something on the need of the hour. No one should die in deadly cold of winter. Climate changes makes it even more difficult to predict the temperatures in winter.

Government machineries can best set the mechanisms. They can spread awareness in general public and specially needy ones where they can get shelters and help (blankets etc) if they are exposed to lethal cold of winter. Co-ordination between public information, NGOs,  needy and general people should be set up in each city and villages before hand. When 83 Crore people in India are living below 20 Rs. a day; this type of concern in not out of place and unnecessary worry.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Vision for the world and decision making in public policy should be above the self-interest of stake holders and enlightened interest of the globe need to prevail.

This requires a enough courage to start with; but can alter the results radically for all of us.

Whenever we take the decision of credit and monetary policies; authorities often are stuck to salvage private and public establishments. Why bother ? Why not think afresh, strategies from the scratch.

Whenever we think about fixing sugar prices , why should our ministers bother about sugar industrialists as if they will die without bail out package. ( I have shares of sugar company but I don't want quick bucks at the cost of common man)

When we think about Environment, Copenhagen, Group of nations, WTO, IMF, World Bank; why do our experts behave as if the charters of powerful institutions are bible, Bhagwad Geeta or Kauran?

Why do our expert authorities are stuck and not releasing big reforms to happen just to secure their petty positions in bureaucracy and polity.

Our corporate and Governments and Inter Governmental Organizations should take a risk and destroy their own established strategies, institutions, procedures, systems if they are old, obsolete, useless, counter-productive and adopt all that is need of the hour for majority of global citizens.

Let power equations change, let world order change, let governments roll...they will anyway, sooner or later.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Nationalized Banks and Post Offices should get an award.

Value those who think about
Crores of people and not necessarily Crores of Rupees.

We need to Value, award and reward those who contribute maximum Welfare rather than those who just contribute maximum wealth.

95% of Indians have their saving accounts in Post Offices; similarly nationalized banks are often lauded for their role in saving , protecting , regulating and stimulating Indian economy in 2008 global economic crisis.

Do not these institutions and their employees deserve best of incentives, awards, rewards, empowerment, more rights, best possible motivational programs, technological up gradation, due rise in man power, more enrichment in their businesses?

We talk about bottom of the Pyramid. These institutes, viz. nationalized banks and post offices , precisely contribute to the bottom of the pyramid. The bottom is becoming bigger by more and more people getting poorer in India and in the globe. The pyramid is breaking ....where bottom is flattening and peak is heightening. but when the pyramid breaks even peak will fall down head on. Instead let us the make the whole of the pyramid- top to bottom-flat pro actively.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Forests of Neem and Tulsi

To nullify the global warming ; the plantation and medicinal plantations
are recommended.

However specially those plants which release Oxygen for 24 hours should be planted.

In many countries in UAE, Europe, Canada, Forests of Neem are grown for the
same purpose. Then why does not Indian Government plant forests of Neem and Tulsi ?

This phenomenon can be used globally for most effective GREEN solution.
In many countries of the world including some Islamic countries Cows can not be
slaughtered according to law because these countries understand commercial value of
cow and its use in agriculture and getting milk. In Russia, traditionally people do not eat

Why Manmohan singh Government (Which is even more irreligious than Communists ) does
not understand the importance of cow to stop farmers' suicides.
India can be a major Exporter of Vermi-compost Fertilisers

World over people are realising the importance of organic farming and
natural fertiliser against synthetic fertilisers.
- the yield is many fold
- long term good for the soil
- healthy to eat
- generates positive cycle of events
- combats and nullifies global warming.

Be Yourself and Be with Yourself. Be with Nature - animals and plants.