Thursday, July 29, 2010

India would have been SuperPower in 1990

If Indira Gandhi would have survived for 10 more years, India would have become Super power in 1990 or 1995 itself !! 

Right now examine really which are the causes which have made India to be considered as one of the Super powers of the world.  Which are the real causes?

It is basic infrastructure, Navaratnas (PSUs) set up at the time of Mr. Nehru, Military and Nuclear competence which was acquired by Mr. Lal bahadur Shastri and  Mrs.  Indira Gandhi. independent Foreign policies and international diplomacy which was designed by all above Prime  Ministers  - from  Nehru  to  Indira  Gandhi.

These Prime Ministers (1947-1984) were socialists, nationalists, progressive, competent, popular, versatile and having global visions. They put India on the world front as a strong country, just next to say Russia or China. 
These Prime Ministers made  India progress economically, politically in global politics , also in military strength in all three branches of military viz. Army, Navy and Air force. Even  making India  Nuke Power  was initiated by Indira Gandhi and even she antagonized  West for that.

Okay. Then What did rest of the Prime Ministers do? Right from Mr. Narsimha Rao to Mr. Manmohan Singh?
Once Mr. Narsimha Rao in his Prime ministerial term had told his confidant  that "Our Government is secured because it has the support of USA" 

So all these PMs (barring those of United Front and Rajiv Gandhi) (1991-2010) , had bowed down to  Uncle Sam ( USA)  just to secure their PMship and their Governments. 

These PMs and Governments (1991-2010) are systematically delaying India to become super power and save America.
They are supporting America more than UK supports America. They are rebuilding and salvaging America n number of times at the cost of India, n number of times, by sacrificing India again and again.

As  far as, globalization, privatization, liberalization reforms are considered; every small country in south Asia, Latin America or Africa has adopted these reforms even more successfully than India. The SeaFood Exports  by a small country Thailand is more than  total exports of India. So Do our recent PMs get any credit for liberalization? Answer is big NO.

How do Indian PMs support America ?
1>By Artificially depreciating Rupee against USD.
2> Ignoring USA and UK, which are  Supporting Terrorism against India 

1>By Artificially depreciating Rupee against USD.
 when global economists and forex experts speak about weakness of US $ and strength of Indian Rupee; when RBI Governor to all the secretaries (bureaucrats) in Finance ministry, when all the researchers - brokers on financial channels to economic advisory of PM are standing  for strengthening of Indian Rupee against US $; Why government machinery is misused  to keep it subdued? 

Our currency INR is well accepted in gulf , Asian countries etc; but our Government  never tried to make it global. Indian Rupee is a victim of its traitor bosses. Those who are supposed to protect and upbring it , the very people are shunting (in a very hard way) its unstoppable power.

Remittances for the purchase of Gold and remittances of Indian students going abroad are the temporary causes which may weaken Rupee against USD. Why does not UPA Government come clean on the policy - whether they are for stronger currency Rupee or otherwise? They are  protecting India or American interest. I do not think American US $ is worth even 20 INR

2> Ignoring USA and UK, which are  Supporting Terrorism against India : Are our recent PMs too dumb to understand this. America and UK had always felt themselves unsecured, jealous and threatened by India since Independence i.e. 1947. They got even more frustrated by almost right decisions made by PMs -Nehru to Indira - to protect India against  western Imperialism, to befriend with Russia and  to head the leadership of Non-alignment movement.

No wonder  USA and UK  interfered in each Indo-Pak security issues. Now it is evident that US and UK worked closely in partnership with ISI, Taliban, other Islamic terrorist groups to counter their enemies and competitors which includes India.Our Foreign policies, Markets our businessmen first chose in the world - all of these was guided by foreign remote controls in post liberalization Era. Russia  ,China   and other countries also became  liberal economically but they maintained their core character and remain patriotic to their own countries.

So we are becoming Super Power because  of  Nationalism in our blood, Socialism in our banking system, Our Rural Demand, Our technocrats, Our think tanks, Our ever adoptive nature to receive and assimilate global trends. We are adoptive since beginning even before 1947.

Because "we the people" have reformed and improved our literacy levels, all other indexes of social, political, economical parameters in last 63 years since 1947. We are Unstoppable. All we require is to remove , get rid of, annihilate the plague of traitors from the system, fight the long due wars with terrorists,  make Rupee a global currency  and prove to the world that we are THE SUPERPOWER of 21ST CENTURY

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


There are three issues of local government in Mumbai, I want to
discuss (with possible solutions) ; which are relevant everywhere in India-
related to City Municipal corporation or rural gram panchayats.

1> There are lot of social and cultural groups in Mumbai - On language basis Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian etc. , they   take/collect/ charge  money and do activities like organizing commercial Plays , organizing international as well as domestic tours, organizing Mohamaad Raffi and Kishore Kumar Nights.

However to the Best to our surprise, Many big organizations with  even 5000 plus
members are not registered. They keep no accounts and no audits. They are
not regulated by any particular regulator. Does charity commissioner regulate them?

The committee members are not elected by members of the group but
are selected by founders. Plus there is no reshuffle in committee regularly.
Instead of senior committee members, rich and corrupt take over the committees.

My Humble request is to bring them all under proper registration, proper accounting,
proper audits etc. Plus if  their incomes attract any  tax liability, they should be made to
contribute to tax.

2> Residence Welfare Associations :
These so called "Welfare groups"  for residential people. These groups 
are bully and have negative power nexus.

These are mostly groups of retired , unemployed or underemployed senior citizens.
They collect lot of money from surrounding buildings , from residential households
and do some decoration/plantation activities with their whims and fancies.

They pay to their favorite  contractors. They plant ornamental  trees  and plants ,
instead of useful trees. This can instead be done in systematic manner by farming and
gardening experts.

These activities are not regulated and create big menace , wastage of land , money
(of households) ,time (of labor , contractors) , Energy.
Here also, the committee members are not elected by members of the group but
are selected by founders. Plus there is no reshuffle in committee regularly.
Instead of senior committee members, rich and corrupt take over the committees.

3> Committees  of co-operative  Societies : Same corruption prevails here.
There is no reshuffle in committee regularly.
Solution is to Centralize.
Let (present condition) instead of people in one building forming - registering  co operative housing society
and members of the one building deciding to make committee;
Let (new modified idea) members of multiple buildings- say 10 buildings make formation of  community housing society and let members of all 10 buildings make one committee.
This will minimize corruption, redundancy, non productivity, inefficiency.

Too much of decentralization OR too much of Centralization
leads to
corruption, redundancy, non productivity and inefficiency.

Centralization at District level instead of Gram panchayat level is the
need of the hour , to stop the menace of "Khap panchayats"

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why No Parents of American Indians go to America permanently?

Why No Parents of American Indians go to America permanently?

Almost no parent of American Indians stay with their children
They go for 6 month to their children's place
only to babysit for their grand children.

This class (
parents of American Indians) is not only lynch
and burden on Indian society but they are
Ever-Blood-sucking poison for the country.....

They always take all good information, innovative ideas,
all spiritual, social, political, all intangible wealth and import
it to America and their children in America without giving any import duty.

There is  a survey in newspapers that the trend is increased
that Rich Old people are fighting the court cases for challenge and thrill.
I am connecting this theory with American Indians.

Parents of American Indians try hard to destroy all the meritocratic
youth serving India , they try to allure and provoke poor
against India.

They are depressed because of identity to Indian Rupee
and India  becoming super power.
and they are desperate to destroy India at any cost.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Attack Black Money/Black Worth/Black Assets

India needs Huge money
*  For huge social investment for deprived sections like children, women and  poor
*  For development and infrastructure
*  To overcome fiscal deficit
*  To become the Top developed country of the world

According to Ramdev Swami,  250 to 300 lac Crore INR worth of BLACK MONEY can be brought back from Swiss Banks. (He says this based on relevant reports) These Money is deposited in these swiss banks by corrupt people in India.

Why should wait for that , first start with Black money in India itself
start with relatively small amount. 

Our GDP is 60,000 Crore INR. Twice or thrice amount of black money is
expected to run in the system.

Plus there will be Black worth and blocked (not circulated) money of hundreds of Crores
of Rupees. Ex Indian Medical Council head had accumulated 1800 Crores of money through corruption.

So why not tap first Black money ...
by various methods

Interrogating Chartered Accountants , tax lawyers, tax departments
2> Severe Raids with intelligently investigating and identifying target group
- those who have black money and black asset.
3> Canceling the Notes of 1000 INR  and 500 INR Rupees.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Wednesday, July 14, 2010



(Our Prime Minister is the role model leader )


Yes you got it right .......This is the state of India under
Sri  Manmohan  Singh 's UPA Government's rule.

Though I appreciate an India becoming economic (8.5 % GDP growth),
military and political Super-power;
India is socially backward than never before....All the efforts of Raja Ram
Mohan ray , Mahatma Jyotiba Fule , Dr Ambedkar , Gandhiji etc. for social justice
are nullified very "competently" with Manmohanomics.

Social, political , economical Injustice is plaguing  the country as never before.
Government has "Zero Tolerance for Justice". 
Singh is a king of anarchy, unruliness.

This is what happens when two politically failed  economists
viz. Monamohan singh and Montek Singh Ahluwalia (who acts like Super Finance Minister)
are running the country.

These two old generation, old fashioned economists have very low self esteem
and  inferiority complex for their own selves and for India.

They always dream in American English (with American slang) where
Uncle Sam or WTO or IMF gives pat on  their back.

They do not understand  " useless" Indian culture , Indian psyche ,
Indian aspirations much. They also "need not" understand "poor , jungli and backward"
Indians; thanks to Mrs. Soniya Gandhi who has given them celestial rights
to rule over the country of more than 100 Crore Indians.

May be in last 6 years they learned about India a bit, on job learning, at the cost of
the national time and money.

"India is a Snake Charmers country and all PMs from Nehru to Vajpayee were desi
and backward, We brought India out of drain, to the world stage and we made India
Super power - only both of us" - This is the attitude they have when they speak.

These two super human beings have insulted all senior political leaders of congress,
from Pranab Mukereji to Natwar singh, depending upon their daring to differ with them.

Write it on the wall - Who will pay a big political Price .....
None Other than Mrs. Soniya and Rahul Gandhi.
It will be Mr. Singh and his Chamchas who will directly (by conspiracy)
 or indirectly
(by creating public opinion) will end the dynasty of Congress Party...
Good for India?.......

Mr. Bankim Shah

Friday, July 2, 2010

Alternate Therapies (A Market of Billions of Rupees) Government is the biggest bottleneck.

1> If one does not like the theory of Ramdev swami and does not want to do yoga or pranayam; Acupressure is a full proof  therapy to cure any acute , chronic or deadly disease.
There are enough more-than-needed- Highly skilled manpower who can treat people by acupressure
in India.

2> If some one does not like the idea of acupressure ; naturopathy is is a full proof  therapy to cure any chronic or deadly disease. There are atleast few hundreds of world class nature Treatment and cure centers  in India and  few thousands of mediocre ones.

3> If you do not like ideas above ;
Ayurvedik medicines ( prescribed by standard Government recognized doctors from Government Ayurvedik institutes) are far more efficient in most of the diseases. They are without side effects and are only marginally costlier.
Most of the acute to deadly diseases can be cured by them. They not only cure but create positive health especially
in youth.

4> If you still want innovative idea, dietitians not only reduce weight but also heal and cure many diseases just by following a particular diet. Why do not we have public dietitians  in government  hospitals??

5> 5 Crore American have fully switched to organic Food, boosting the market of organic food and organic farms. When will Indian who originally believe in natural farming will get this type of food? Or Government is "committed"  to "donate" Fertilizer  subsidies  of  70000 crores to fertilizer companies (for their secret deals with governments)

6> Similarly we have many independent institutes, with very competent manpower treating with other therapies like Reiki, Accupuncture, sujok, magnet therapy.
Why do all  Indian governments , right from the 1st elected government, try to destroy these institutes providing alternate therapies and medicines and keep bailing out and subsidize the modern medicine - allopathy ?

We can at least tap the domestic market which is worth 7 lakh Crore INR. why should our government worry about private money invested in hospitality and insurance business at the cost of public health ? Let everybody play and compete fair. Let our government show at least once that it is not colonial servant of USA and West; and they have confidence in India's own indigenous strength.

If government facilitates them , promotes all these alternate cure , public health improves with Bill getting minimized. Competition will create quality, transparency  and competitive price.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah
Be Yourself and Be with Yourself. Be with Nature - animals and plants.