Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Whether it is business or marketing,

OR Government Schemes, Governance, State  Development models or Foreign policy.

OR  models for NGOs.

OR    Adopting scientific research,  Education, Public transportation, Telecoms,
           Power generation, Infrastructure development, reality, entertainment,
           Public health etc. etc. etc.

It is seen in recent years that all these American models in India have created
more problems , delays, failures, injustice etc. in Indian society.

So as a thumb RULE we should immediately stop following  "DEVILISH ANTI-WORLD NATION" USA in our public policies.

Commonsense says
USA will get destroyed socially , economically and even politically; because its own  Karmas. How far  we can also  follow it and destroy or delay  the  prosperity
of each common man of India ??

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ALL EXPOSED - Failure of Privatization

Recent Debacles of world wide recession and expose of record breaking
corruption by Private sector in nexus with politicians; have proved that -

The Success of Liberalization  - Privatization
is Political Patronage and patronage of International Imperialism;
and not their efficiency or performance.

Privatization (crony capitalism) is the  State Sponsored way to
create injustice - political, economical, social injustice.

liberalization or privatization is no way better than Nationalization
or Public  Sector Units. They are merely  favored - in unjust way- by Nation  States
which were Pro - US ,after the cold War Era.

All the politicians and Leaders who were hurt by communism and Socialism;
Those who can not have their clout while the era of  Socialism
and Non Alignment Movement - collectively united across the globe.....
The Super Power USA Supporting them......

Those who do not like the idea of self sacrifice and socialism and common good;
suddenly found their importance , thanks to imperialism of Uncle Sam (US)

Just because USA was anti-USSR;  It influenced the world, international
political organizations and nation states - to adopt anti thesis of socialism or
communism - i.e. crony capitalism.

Today the whole world is paying the price for this state sponsored Class struggle.
(where Rich class is favored and poor rather than poverty,
are made to extinct )

THE MAJOR CULPRIT USA should pay the highest.
So the whole world and India should not think about USA interest all the time
and let nature take its own course. Let US $ fall. let US poverty, hunger and unemployment rise, if they do not repent on their deeds and return back on the path of justice.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Donate / Install Water Purifiers Everywhere

We need a different kind of revolution to
stop the children and people dieing or ailing  due to impure drinking water
and water borne diseases.

government bodies, Government Schemes and Private Donors,
NGOs , sponsors can donate  water purifiers in cities, Metros, rural areas
-in as many in number as possible
to cover maximum number of people to have safe and pure drinking water..

(this will only hit two monsters - 1> companies of bottled water
2> pharmaceutical companies -  SO BE IT. Why should we bother
about criminal minded corporate ?)

Warm  Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Monday, November 15, 2010

Next Corrupt Sector : Insurance Sector

Thank  God , Indians (youth) are little sensitive
and concerned about corruption issue.

All private Life Insurance companies are making huge losses but still paying hi- fi salaries and commissions  to their managers and agents and this at the  cost of  insured people i.e. general public at large.

All the guilty in private sector and IRDA officers should be exposed. This nation- sucking insurance
companies and business should be closed  immediately.

To fight corruption would be "most profitable,
effective, beneficiary in its entirety" - for the nation,
society or an individual.

If one can fight and crack down corruption;
one is able to
- solve multiple national problems
- many people will be empowered
- many progressive things will happen
Be Yourself and Be with Yourself. Be with Nature - animals and plants.