Sunday, May 23, 2010

No Hurry to be SuperPower - Fight the Enemy within

There are 193 sovereign states countries in the world , small or big. India rates in  Top 5 countries  - in most of the parameters and yardsticks related to military power , economy , even human rights front . For Example We are rated 4th in the world for military power. (however in case of maritime security, we are behind and come 7th in the world)

May be our Elephant economy is not so good when it comes to law and order and social, economical and political justice and meritocracy.

Many corrupt people in India now using "Super Power Card" to misguide people. They are using people's craze to be superpower and to progress fast at high GDP rate - to fulfill their selfish agenda.

Our Goal should be clear. Though we are almost there to become superpower, we should not be in hurry so that some politicians can cheat and misguide us; neither we should throw away the credit to be super power to some of the most undeserving politicians. 

All we need is that be very objective and persuasive and make regular appraisals to see to it that India remains in top 5 (countries) , or Top 10 in most of the yardsticks and further improves. This can be done irrespective of which political party is in power. We should only compare India with India and not with china, America or any other country. Let us have our independent indigenous models of growth, employment and economy.

Simultaneously most important, equally challenging  task is to fight the corruption and crime within , so that the benefits and credit of the country being super power reaches to people who deserve and not to those who are not contributors but are spoilers , users, grabbers, consumers, cheaters, traitors.

Bankim Shah

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Processed Food - Wasting Electricity and Water

Most of the processed food use unnecessary resources like water, electricity, labor, land, finances to manufacture something which has 1> value addition only in taste and value deletion in nutrition, cost, health, economies of scale and social and national economy. 

2> Unnecessary Large scale Food processing industries take away the whole business from cottage industries or co-operative societies which are apt for such food products.

 3> Plus Marketing cost for big economies becomes a big percentage of total cost of a food product.

4> Plus it is healthy, preferable and worthy to promote  to eat  /consume - regional and seasonal  foods beacause it is healthy

Whenever  certain sector of economy are over organized and with wrongly high economies of scale, it takes away jobs and resources from people who ought to be in these jobs and businesses.

For Example, in making juice (simple example) even small hotelier uses so much of water and electricity , and dilutes or kills the nutrition value of fruits.  

For example , instead of eating  biscuits, children can be given sheera (suji ka halwa) directly made from home made industry.
Bottled aerated drinks use 10 bottles of water for one product  bottle. 

Promoting not-much-processed food is healthy for the health of people and reduces private, individual, public medical costs.

Promoting regional and seasonal food will give market to regional producers, local market chain and will reduce transportation cost.

This does not stop us  to use technology for preservation, refrigeration, processing etc. when it is necessary and investments can be welcome for that.

Bankim Shah 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Since lot of scams are bursting out; I hope much from Media.

There are many areas where sting  operations are need of the hour. One of the area is International NGOs.

Government not only promotes them, helps them all the way let it be land or infrastructure or funds or marketing; but also listens to them , considers their opinion on many informations of public domain. This gets transformed into public policies.

The way Government and civil servants and department  secretaries listened blindly MCI (Medical council of India), Government is listening blindly to International NGOs like GreenPeace, CRY, Habitat international etc.

It is high time we break their corrupt secrets , their  hidden agendas, their  International Menifestos....

Bankim Shah

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Do We Indians still hate money and love to be poor?

If we would be loving money, power and expansion ; if we would be loving fun, pleasures, luxuries and holidays;
we would never remain so passive in the world full of advantages and opportunities for India.......May be all the politicians who got power without any struggle has no value for the country, patriotism or  progress.

*  When there is European, USA and Dubai Turmoil,  we should have used this opportunity to supply cheap goods to them like China does. Instead we shoot on out foot by making our labor cheap and exporting services too cheap.
* We do not collaborate well with BRIC (Brazil , Russia, China, India) countries.

* We do not proactively take advantage of unexplored African Markets and South - South Co-operation.

* We throw away the efforts of Late PM Rajeev Gandhi to build South Asian co-operation. We throw away the credibility of India as a leader of NAM movement.

* Indian politicians have no long term and broader vision or strategy for foreign policy , internal or external security, political economy and social conscience.

* When the globe expects us to take initiative as superpower, we not only avoid to take opportunity but we keep sacrificing India for America. Whatever happens to America is their problem.

Warm Regards
Bankim Shah

Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Save 300 lac Crores

According to Swami Ramdev, India consumes soaps, toiletries, cosmetics worth 300,00,000 Crore (Three hundred Lac Crore) from multinational companies. 

These are zero technology products which can be made easily in India employing and empowering Indian domestic industries. 

Our companies can make them. Small companies also can make them removing the monopolies. Public Sectors can make them. 

We can not only satisfy our domestic demand but also can Export in new markets like those of Asia, Africa etc.
This  will create balance of power, distribution of power and 3lac crore Rupees of country are saved.

Also similarly Swadeshi Fast food packeted products, Swadeshi Colas and potato chips, Swadeshi products made by small Desi manufacturing companies can acquire big Market Share in the World Market.We already have many small and big local , state level, national brands for fast food (like haldiram etc). The only need is to promote and market them globally.


Bankim Shah

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Purpose of Insurance Policy - Scope of reviving the industry

The purpose of Insurance is covering the economical risk of  life etc. of an individual or group of people.
The principle of Insurance is based on sharing the collective fund and settle claims with people, thereby help them to overcome economical risk. This the insured gets against premium agreed.

The purpose of  investing in stocks for an individual is to participate in profit or loss of big enterprises run by professional corporate and  the advantage to public companies is that they get public money to finance their big projects.

The purpose of mutual Fund is to cater to the needs of  investors who are not competent to directly invest in shares but need expert managers of Mutual Funds ti invest for them.

Is it advisable and meaningful to Mix all these products? Insurance companies have launched and mis sold many ULIP Schemes which are based on funds  of shares.

There are many simpler schemes of insurances which already exist with the insurance companies. Plus IRDA and Ministry of finance can easily force /guide/instruct these companies to have these simple products. The main problem is marketing by agents. Neither Sales Managers, Seniors, agents of Insurance companies are interested to sell them. These Simple and pure insurance schemes providing real purpose of the insurance can be directly sold by insurance companies by keeping staff ( no need of agents).
Common men will buy these schemes as they do deposit their Term deposits in banks.

Simplifying and standardizing marketing  by insurance companies and  dismantling the Agent Marketing is the key to stop the menace of mis selling and mystery selling.

Bankim Shah

India is Missing Many buses - Many opportunities - Thanks to PM - Single Man Disaster

Yes. With taking risk of  criticizing  so-called  popular, so-called Educated Prime Minister, I have to  say that  Mr. Manmohan Singh   is a  Moodha  Mati (  Man with Dumb and weak  Intellect) , Mand Gati (Slow in Progress) PM.

High Time India is missing many and many buses 

* According to one European union Economist,  India should have taken a lead to make Rupee stronger , the way China is taking initiative to strengthen Unan against US$. All Asian currencies will improve against US $  and other western currencies.

*  PM  is like a problem child who does not like China and Russia.
 India misses to gang up with these two powerful Emerging countries.

* We miss to strengthen our traditional ties with many countries like  Saudi Arabia, South Asia, Russia ; also we totally threw away, washed off,  the credibility of India acquired through Non-alignment movement (NAM).

* We are missing to strengthen our defense and foreign policy in independent manner and we act like a client state of USA. Manmohan Singh is destroying / sacrificing India again and again so that USA can bounce back and gets bailed out at the cost of Indians.

* India misses to be Super-power in region and in the world.  

* Manmohan singh will make an India  which will be  10 times  worse  than  even Pakistan.

Bankim Shah


Saturday, May 1, 2010



As a common Global Citizen, I am one of those 6.5 to 7 billion World populations.
I have full potential to live my life, respectfully, with grace and dignity, with preserving and enjoying my human rights.
I have all the competence to win my bread on my own and feed my parents, family, and children.
I have full intention and wisdom to fulfill my social, national and global obligations, duties and responsibilities.

All I demand, ask, request, plead for, fight for is

- Save my air, water, soil, food getting polluted- from pollution in atmosphere and pollution in the minds of CEOs of cruel and criminal Multi-Nationals, Imperialist Countries and Market economies representing crony capitalism.

- Save my land for shelter of my family and let me do farming and grow my food on it. Please do not take away my shelter in the name of SEZ, in the name of progress.

- Save my culture. East or West or North or South, No culture in the world is as worse as today's culture of world governments promoting alcohol, drugs, tobacco, separatism, corruption, illiteracy communal ism, apartheid more than anything else, more than they ever did in recent history of thousands of years.

-Save my children, from child labor, from damaging education system and assaulting Western multinational culture and Media misguidance. I wish I die before my children’s death.

- Save my body from fast food, synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, MNC pharmaceuticals, pollution, accidents through heavy private vehicle traffic.

- Save my mind from force feeding of sex, violence, hatred, pelf, consumerism, market hegemony.

- Save my intellect from Media - most of which is misguiding and evil.

- Save my soul from Best seller God men, 5 star and corporatized Gurus.

Bankim Shah
Be Yourself and Be with Yourself. Be with Nature - animals and plants.