Saturday, May 12, 2012

BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing ) and
 KPOs ( Knowledge Process Outsourcing)  are 
Foreign Agents who are  exploiting our educated youth.

They are making cartel in order to keep the salaries of their 
employees down and they are pleasing Uncle Sam. 

These are the people who in collusion with Trade minister
want all the "EXPORT INCENTIVES" and want to depreciate Rupees

One of my 29 year old friend in KPO , worked in that KPO since 5 years,
 told that they are just paid 15,000 Rs per month per employee whereas Employer foreign client company is paying to Indian KPO 3.5 Lakhs per month per employee

I asked him why don't you guys change the job? ?He said those who try 
are out of jobs. There are no jobs in market or no better jobs.  

This is a mere loot, exploitation of  youth which all relevant
agencies like labor ministry, trade and commerce ministry, 
Ministry of External  Affairs should probe and catch this companies
if they are violating FERA etc. 

Warm Regards
Bankim Shah

Friday, May 11, 2012

Commerce and Empowerment of Masses : Internet based information

Lot of Internet Users are empowered lot in India and abroad
to have lot of detailed and authentic information from n number
sources , sources situated across the world.
Also one needs to be in position, power or have money to get
this information from employees if he is not Internet savvy.

What about those who are poor or ordinary, powerless,
do not have internet or media access but still willing to have
genuine information regarding a problem. A problem or issue
can be technical, medical, social, economical etc.

Why not we have Service provider Centers  who give Paid
and Unpaid (Charitable) in information obtained from internet

1> This is similar to RTI. Of course the information is not limited
to public officer and it is "less official" than in case of RTI

2> This creates tremendous empowerment because
information is Power.

3> This gives employment to Internet savvy Unemployed.

4> This creates a level playing field for commoner who can just
have access to Information as much as an industrialist, moneyed
or powerful has.

5>This can set competition, revolution, etc.


Why not all TV channels, newspapers, magazines have columns
where common people can speak about corruptions in all the offices , private
or public , small or big .

We should have a "Corruption Expose Month" Where all the
energy and focus is given to crackdown all sorts of corruptions...

Warm Regards
 Bankim Shah

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Importing foreigner Brides 
(I wish there is nation wide debate on the issue)
Let ALL depressed, suppressed Indian single
guys marry happily forever ....

A Problem of an Indian bride :

1> The Indian women simply do not want to marry or be stable in marriage.
(they want their careers and sleep with peons, drivers, watchmen)

So there is a need to create a workable alternative.

2> These women want to have good things from both East and West and 
not give back in return - not to contribute back according to any culture 
-East or West
3> Atrocities from women on Men (Except Rich and powerful villains at the top in today's scenario) is rising exponentially in India.
4> Let all Men in India Unite ( from 15 Yrs to 95 Yrs).
5> The Government body should import lot of Russians or Asians
or Americans, or European women - so that guys in India can marry them 
and the stable society is created. (Solution for once and all)
Advantage of foreign Brides : 
1> They will be (Especially Asians ) will be far better than Indian women
2> beautiful and virtuous women from many Asian / (divided USSR) countries have seen lot of struggle and are willing to have good lives marrying to Indian Men.
3> They may be given some money 5 lacs /10 lacs etc depending on many factors
and they will easily marry Indian Men as fast as possible and they will be
quite stable (comparatively) in marriage.
4>cost of marriage (spending on unnecessary things like pandal,  mehandi, sangeet etc) 
is reduced.
5> Even American brides are less harassing than Indian bride because
lot of Indian American say that American brides are truly Independent.
6> Foreign brides (Asians) are more healthier,beautiful,  disciplined, grateful, loving,caring, humane than Indian brides. Indian women have ruined their body, mind, intellect, innocence, credibility with the influence of American culture.

Be Yourself and Be with Yourself. Be with Nature - animals and plants.