Saturday, May 12, 2012

BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing ) and
 KPOs ( Knowledge Process Outsourcing)  are 
Foreign Agents who are  exploiting our educated youth.

They are making cartel in order to keep the salaries of their 
employees down and they are pleasing Uncle Sam. 

These are the people who in collusion with Trade minister
want all the "EXPORT INCENTIVES" and want to depreciate Rupees

One of my 29 year old friend in KPO , worked in that KPO since 5 years,
 told that they are just paid 15,000 Rs per month per employee whereas Employer foreign client company is paying to Indian KPO 3.5 Lakhs per month per employee

I asked him why don't you guys change the job? ?He said those who try 
are out of jobs. There are no jobs in market or no better jobs.  

This is a mere loot, exploitation of  youth which all relevant
agencies like labor ministry, trade and commerce ministry, 
Ministry of External  Affairs should probe and catch this companies
if they are violating FERA etc. 

Warm Regards
Bankim Shah

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