Friday, September 23, 2011


There should be TOP priority to
handle this issue  of  devaluing Rupee 
in corrupt ways by Govt.

Even Public Interest Litigation can be filed on this.

please read this link below

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Mr. Bankim Shah

Wednesday, September 7, 2011



1> Why Can not Insurance Companies operate as
Banks do in simple way....

2> Why there should be insurance agents at all -
They must be employed as bank employees and should
have offices exactly like that of banks.

3>  Why PSU Bank insurances which are very efficient insurance tools
are not marketed well? Is Government trying to kill Public Sector ?

4> STANDARDIZED and SIMPLIFIED Few models/Plans  of  Life
insurance / Medi-claim / Accident Benefits /Motor insurance /travel
insurance etc should be launched

5>  There should not be virtually any unnecessary competition in Insurance - Private
or Public companies. Only Zones should be divided geographically.
It should  just become like how Reilance Energy Ltd and Tata power
provide electricity to Mumbai.

6> This will make each one happy (except corrupt people in Insurance industry and
IRDA ) This will make everything speedy. Speedy marketing, speedy operations,
speedy claim disbursal. Efficient and cost effective and time effective systems.

Many more poor and middle class people will be served and there will not
be any confusions in people's mind. All Marketing cheating and multiplicities
of complex Plans will be eradicated

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why There is so much False propaganda by corporate sector to reduce fiscal deficit and its target etc.

CII , ASSOCHEM - all these associations of private businesses;
have no business but to misguide the nation about so called
bad state of Government spending etc. whereas it is corporate which needs
to reforms itself and contribute something positive to nation and not become
beneficiary of privatization and looting natural resources and land in Free.

According to  Karma's theory , these  are the next batch of people who will
soon be dethroned and will be living ordinary lives like how descendants
of princely states are living in India.

Below are data of Fiscal deficit 4.12 Lakh Crore which is just
2.5 imes of Scam by A. Raja.

India's External debt is also only 10 Lakh Crore which is
67 times less than US external debt which is 671 Lakh Crore

Why do our politicians and Corporate hide all these glory
of Indians from India ?

Why do our politicians and corporate India try to make simple facts
so difficult so far  ??

Whom they are feared of  ?  - Are they feared of confidence
and awakening of common man?

Whom they are saving? Which countries they are saving?
Which countries  these people have their stakes in?

It is so easy for us to repay our external debt and take care
of our fiscal deficit even RIGHT NOW , even before
we have not received all the Indian black money abroad and in India.

So why our Politicians and our corporate don't speak out and
deprive a common Indian of his glory, status, money, facilities
which he deserves??

IMF data 2010

    US GDP  = 674 Lakh Crore INR
    India's GDP  = 71 Lakh Crore INR

External Debt of USA

4,590,000,000,000 US $  = 14.59 trillion US $ =  671 trillion INR
                        = 671 Lakh Crore INR  (99% of GDP)
                         ( 67 times that of India)
                        = 22,36,666  INR  per capita   
        approx                = 22 Lakh INR per capita   
External Debt of India

237,100,000,000  US $  = 237 Billion Us $ = 10902 Billion INR 
                                                                          = 10,90,200 Crore INR
                                                                          = 10 Lack Crore   INR (15% of GDP)

                                                                          =  8,264 INR per capita
Budgeted fiscal  deficit  of India in Financial Year 2011-12
is 4.12 Lakh Crores  which can be recovered by avoiding 2-3 scams like that of 2-G

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah
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