Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Average IQ (intelligent Quotient) of our Society is going significantly down

Yes we should have a Census survey on IQ and especially that of
youth and children; because they are our future.

Probably we put so much thrust on EQ  (Emotional Quotient)
that we have completely forgotten the importance of IQ.
Our Youth, urban or rural,  is becoming emotionally imbalanced.
Foreigners are force feeding the Jungli and dumb  culture through
our media, films and TV.

To take Right decisions for an individual or society, to differentiate
between good and bad, to foresee long term effect of our actions,
strong Intelligence is required.

A civilization without strong Intellect / intelligence can never prosper..
A civilization who can not sacrifice baser needs for higher can never prosper..

American Society is our Role Model, where the average IQ seems to have
gone so down that it has become completely arrogant, myopic, self serving
and self destructive society.

Mr. Arun Jately , Senior BJP leader spoke on "Aaj ki Adalat" that there are
four pillars of  civilization - Religion , politics,  economics,  Family.

Except So-called Economics behind which our Youth is forced to run after,
Our state , Governments ,Manmohan Singhs and Montek Singhs
have "successfully " destroyed three pillars of civilization namely

Religion , politics,  Family.  (Even Economy is growing "despite of govt",
 "not because of govt "  that is what all our top industrialists say)

So are we pledged as a Slave Nation state to sink our civilization;
to destroy our youth, to destroy our Intelligentsia, 
to destroy our indigenous culture, global clout, social fabric...

with sinking of our our Master Nation United States ??
 What  a "patriotism" to USA.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jairam Ramesh can create maximum number of jobs

Environment Protection and preservation is MOST profitable
long term strategy. It creates long term sustainable tangible
and intangible benefits for all sections of  population.

Maximu Environment Projects can be created and maximum workers
should be alloted to them.

* Irrigation - This will boost agriculture and help farmers from water insecurity.

* Inter-linking of River - This will solve all the problems of water scarcity.

* Prue drinking water - We should get drinkable water in tape water pipeline
as it exists in Europe. This may  kill bottle water  industry. SO BE IT.

* Clean Ganga, Yamuna, all other polluted Areas. Free of pollution.
pollution in water, soil, air - this will  kill pharma  Industry up to great  extent.

* According to Ramdev Swami - we have minerals  - valuing  10,000 Lakh  Crore.
We  are the  Richest  and incomparably  Rich - in natural Resources  and its monetary
* In principle all mines need to be nationalised. Only private people can be leased or
contracted for short period.

* Make Jairam Ramesh SUPER HEAD of all Infrastructure Departments - Roads,
highways, bridges, dams etc.

Present system created by Politician - Corporate Nexus - is going to self destroy
all natural resources.
It is useless, hopeless, whimsical, fanciful and sabotaging and devastating the
nation socially , economically and politically. (At least some one needs to speak
so loud for the common good)

Warm regds
Mr. Bankim Shah

Monday, March 28, 2011



* When globally political-corporate monopolies has created unjust and unfair system.
* When world over, by the virtue of this very system the gap between Rich and poor
is increasing.
* The gap between Haves and Have not is increasing.
* Rich are suffering from irresponsible mindless artificial abundance, causing
them perpetual insecurity and paranoia whereas Poor are suffering from too
much of deprivation not only materially but in terms of even natural and environmental

This is the right time ......
* to create competition to establishment (which is good for nothing)
 - competition to political and economical establishment.
* To crack down monopolies.
* World citizens should empower micro, small , medium Enterprises ;
they should empower labor.
* Invest (literacy, health care , micro finance) in huge labor force of the
world ; and you will reap off the benefits.
*  THE BOTTOM OF  THE PYRAMID is not only - huge Market
but it is - Huge Human Resources, Huge  Militia to fight socio-political-economically.
* create hawkers' zones
* have due ands balanced protectionism.
*create competition to each establishment - right from shop keeper ,
 industrialist to politician.

USA may be having little more military power  than other super powers;
however economically sick USA  will be definitely worse by its
extra smart intervention in Libya.

Invest in poor , poor countries ..........
Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Sunday, March 27, 2011


To make 20 % of Indian population educated up to 12th Standard  in one year, 2012

1> This is possible by creating a system where motivated students can
take up the direct tests to pass out 10th, 12th and up to graduation.

2>  University  should  guide  these  inspired  and motivated
fast  track students briefly or with distance education courses.

3> All the useless activities ( I am not against healthy extra curricular
activities but need of  the hour is to cut the western entertainment
out of the window from curriculum) can be scraped.

4> BIG public campaign to make people study and take degrees
(preferably  direct or distance education)
at all ages, even those who have dropped out before and FUND
heavily the campaign giving scholarships to those who are really needy.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Most  of the Indian people  and youth  do not have idea of
what exactly is  "India  becoming Superpower".......
Either they take it as  a "jingle" or they disbelieve it at heart.

It seems that our TRAITOR Government wants to conceal
the FACTS about Indian power and strength.

1>  FACT  FILE - Economic
Why not Print and Electronic Media - especially economic
and financial Editors publish

Relative data - GDP, GDP rate of growth, PPP, External Debt,
savings rate etc. of different countries
Emerging Markets,
Developed Economies.

2> FACT FILE - Military
Similarly comparative military strength can be published
periodically for the information for common man.

3> FACT FILE - labor
we have 10 Crore domestic workers..
how many industrial workers, agriculture workers, sex workers,
child labor we have? ( I think total is around  60 Crore)

How many people work  in Organized and Unorganized sector?
How many people work in MSMEs (Micro , Small , Medium Enterprises) ?

This is Very important to device inclusively innovative
growth - which is profitable for  ALL - industry , common man, poor. 

4> FACT FILE WEALTH and Income
yes. What is wealth and income distribution of people in India and world?
I am sure we stand very high - in the world. individually and as a nation.  


1> Present TRAITOR Government and Media are stopping all the good ideas from

Russian model,Japanese model, Chinese, BRIC countries models of
economy, manufacturing,work culture, social culture etc.  and
Only bombarding American Models in media  which are of most damaging and destroying sort.

2> Liberalization lead to closure of many textile like  industries , which
created Unemployment, Which in turn went back to agriculture ;
Now government wants to even disestablish them from Agriculture;
by saying that there are too many people in agriculture.

Warm  Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Friday, March 4, 2011

India can grow Faster....(You and Me too...)

If  India has a Asian Vision, South Asian Vision
and India becomes the leader of third world


SUPPORT each other's
Social system , health Education

Let India become consultant for
Infrastructure ,
Information Technology ,
Finacial Services and
innovative RURAL stories of all these 3rd world countries

(The idea of exporting to USA and UK because
of bigger exchange rate is old, no more profitable
or sustainable)

Warm   Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Power by - Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Renewable Sources seems
to be easy in implementation to Enlighten Rural India.
Again made in diversified , distributed and local ways with
small and Medium Enterprises generating power seems to be the KEY

Similarly Water Management by Rain Water Harvesting etc. Methods
by Local MSMEs

(I am not against big projects if there is a real case for the need of big project
by BIG Companies)

Similarly Small and localized Dams , canals , recharged wells etc should
soon make India irrigated.

These simple things are prevented from happening by Ill-Meaning
politician - Corporate Nexus.

So at least now Indians should take the charge , remove  the  corrupt
and criminals from the system  for faster  growth of these Infrastructure
which will further lighten RURAL STORY of India.

Warm  Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah
Be Yourself and Be with Yourself. Be with Nature - animals and plants.