Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jairam Ramesh can create maximum number of jobs

Environment Protection and preservation is MOST profitable
long term strategy. It creates long term sustainable tangible
and intangible benefits for all sections of  population.

Maximu Environment Projects can be created and maximum workers
should be alloted to them.

* Irrigation - This will boost agriculture and help farmers from water insecurity.

* Inter-linking of River - This will solve all the problems of water scarcity.

* Prue drinking water - We should get drinkable water in tape water pipeline
as it exists in Europe. This may  kill bottle water  industry. SO BE IT.

* Clean Ganga, Yamuna, all other polluted Areas. Free of pollution.
pollution in water, soil, air - this will  kill pharma  Industry up to great  extent.

* According to Ramdev Swami - we have minerals  - valuing  10,000 Lakh  Crore.
We  are the  Richest  and incomparably  Rich - in natural Resources  and its monetary
* In principle all mines need to be nationalised. Only private people can be leased or
contracted for short period.

* Make Jairam Ramesh SUPER HEAD of all Infrastructure Departments - Roads,
highways, bridges, dams etc.

Present system created by Politician - Corporate Nexus - is going to self destroy
all natural resources.
It is useless, hopeless, whimsical, fanciful and sabotaging and devastating the
nation socially , economically and politically. (At least some one needs to speak
so loud for the common good)

Warm regds
Mr. Bankim Shah

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