Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Average IQ (intelligent Quotient) of our Society is going significantly down

Yes we should have a Census survey on IQ and especially that of
youth and children; because they are our future.

Probably we put so much thrust on EQ  (Emotional Quotient)
that we have completely forgotten the importance of IQ.
Our Youth, urban or rural,  is becoming emotionally imbalanced.
Foreigners are force feeding the Jungli and dumb  culture through
our media, films and TV.

To take Right decisions for an individual or society, to differentiate
between good and bad, to foresee long term effect of our actions,
strong Intelligence is required.

A civilization without strong Intellect / intelligence can never prosper..
A civilization who can not sacrifice baser needs for higher can never prosper..

American Society is our Role Model, where the average IQ seems to have
gone so down that it has become completely arrogant, myopic, self serving
and self destructive society.

Mr. Arun Jately , Senior BJP leader spoke on "Aaj ki Adalat" that there are
four pillars of  civilization - Religion , politics,  economics,  Family.

Except So-called Economics behind which our Youth is forced to run after,
Our state , Governments ,Manmohan Singhs and Montek Singhs
have "successfully " destroyed three pillars of civilization namely

Religion , politics,  Family.  (Even Economy is growing "despite of govt",
 "not because of govt "  that is what all our top industrialists say)

So are we pledged as a Slave Nation state to sink our civilization;
to destroy our youth, to destroy our Intelligentsia, 
to destroy our indigenous culture, global clout, social fabric...

with sinking of our our Master Nation United States ??
 What  a "patriotism" to USA.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

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