Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Power by - Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Renewable Sources seems
to be easy in implementation to Enlighten Rural India.
Again made in diversified , distributed and local ways with
small and Medium Enterprises generating power seems to be the KEY

Similarly Water Management by Rain Water Harvesting etc. Methods
by Local MSMEs

(I am not against big projects if there is a real case for the need of big project
by BIG Companies)

Similarly Small and localized Dams , canals , recharged wells etc should
soon make India irrigated.

These simple things are prevented from happening by Ill-Meaning
politician - Corporate Nexus.

So at least now Indians should take the charge , remove  the  corrupt
and criminals from the system  for faster  growth of these Infrastructure
which will further lighten RURAL STORY of India.

Warm  Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

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