Monday, February 28, 2011

The top ten most indebted countries in the world

When you think of the most indebted countries, who do you think of? You probably think of African countries such as Ethiopia, Malawi or Chad.
Those countries are all on the IMF’s list of heavily indebted countries, all places that are struggling under a heavy burden of public debt.
If you add personal and public debt together, both government loans and private loans, credit card debts and mortgages, the results are a little different. The total amount owed to parties outside the country is called ‘external debt’. 

The top ten most indebted countries in the world by external debt looks like this:
(as on 13th February 2009)
  1. United States – $13,703,567 million
  2. United Kingdom – $10,450,000
  3. Germany – $4,489,000
  4. France – $4,396,000
  5. Netherlands – $2,277,000
  6. Ireland – $1,841,000
  7. Japan – $1,492,000
  8. Switzerland – $1,340,000
  9. Belgium – $1,313,000
  10. Spain – $1,313,000

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