Saturday, May 5, 2012

Importing foreigner Brides 
(I wish there is nation wide debate on the issue)
Let ALL depressed, suppressed Indian single
guys marry happily forever ....

A Problem of an Indian bride :

1> The Indian women simply do not want to marry or be stable in marriage.
(they want their careers and sleep with peons, drivers, watchmen)

So there is a need to create a workable alternative.

2> These women want to have good things from both East and West and 
not give back in return - not to contribute back according to any culture 
-East or West
3> Atrocities from women on Men (Except Rich and powerful villains at the top in today's scenario) is rising exponentially in India.
4> Let all Men in India Unite ( from 15 Yrs to 95 Yrs).
5> The Government body should import lot of Russians or Asians
or Americans, or European women - so that guys in India can marry them 
and the stable society is created. (Solution for once and all)
Advantage of foreign Brides : 
1> They will be (Especially Asians ) will be far better than Indian women
2> beautiful and virtuous women from many Asian / (divided USSR) countries have seen lot of struggle and are willing to have good lives marrying to Indian Men.
3> They may be given some money 5 lacs /10 lacs etc depending on many factors
and they will easily marry Indian Men as fast as possible and they will be
quite stable (comparatively) in marriage.
4>cost of marriage (spending on unnecessary things like pandal,  mehandi, sangeet etc) 
is reduced.
5> Even American brides are less harassing than Indian bride because
lot of Indian American say that American brides are truly Independent.
6> Foreign brides (Asians) are more healthier,beautiful,  disciplined, grateful, loving,caring, humane than Indian brides. Indian women have ruined their body, mind, intellect, innocence, credibility with the influence of American culture.

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