Saturday, May 8, 2010

Save 300 lac Crores

According to Swami Ramdev, India consumes soaps, toiletries, cosmetics worth 300,00,000 Crore (Three hundred Lac Crore) from multinational companies. 

These are zero technology products which can be made easily in India employing and empowering Indian domestic industries. 

Our companies can make them. Small companies also can make them removing the monopolies. Public Sectors can make them. 

We can not only satisfy our domestic demand but also can Export in new markets like those of Asia, Africa etc.
This  will create balance of power, distribution of power and 3lac crore Rupees of country are saved.

Also similarly Swadeshi Fast food packeted products, Swadeshi Colas and potato chips, Swadeshi products made by small Desi manufacturing companies can acquire big Market Share in the World Market.We already have many small and big local , state level, national brands for fast food (like haldiram etc). The only need is to promote and market them globally.


Bankim Shah

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