Wednesday, December 30, 2009



India is a semi-slaved country.

There are thumb rules which are making our Justice System - Criminal Justice system etc.inefficient.

1> FIRST AND FORE MOST RULE - Get over colonial rules. Most of the problems in  the systems of police, judiciary and law making are because of sticking to old British rules which are contradictory to Indian context and which are contradictory to contemporary needs of society in India.

2> CULTURAL INTEGRATION - Contrary to other countries, in India people who are not integrated with Indian, Hindu and Hindi culture are awarded, rewarded,  they rule, they make laws. People who are integrated with  Indian, Hindu and Hindi culture are punished, de-motivated, and tortured.

3> Even if we can not dis empower those who are powerful and influential; we can empower those who are worthy and meritocratic. Common man is guilty and culprit of sabotaging the meritocratic people.

4> Be Patriotic. Value independence and sovereignty of the country.

5> Stop working for "Petty careers" It is clear cut trap of Imperialism. India is a semi-slaved country.
After the final  war it will be  fully slave or fully independent. It is up to you to be on which side.

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