Monday, February 15, 2010



*  Eradicate Child labor - around 5.5 to 6 Crore children in India are child labor. They are one of the major root causes of unemployment in unskilled youth of employable and marriageable age.

Also child labor leads to illiterate young India which will be a disaster in future.
Government should employ police to pick up child labor and rehabilitate , refuge them with the help of NGOs , government bodies etc. All it requires is a political will. 

* Senior Citizens aspiring for "lucrative careers" are disaster for the country. 
These are senior citizens who hardly did anything in their youth, always exploited nation, society, systems, youth and children. Most of them are anti-national and traitors and unmotivated youth by brainwashing them against the country, asking them to go abroad, exploiting youth with their power and positions, exploiting youth emotionally, intellectually, spiritually etc. 

Beware of these old people. Reduce the retirement age of these lot. Why do they need position, chair and official career? why can not they sit at home and serve the society and nation as traditionally senior citizens used to do. (these are only 10% elite class lot amongst rest 90% senior citizens in the country being in miserable state of life). 

They consume highest , enjoy alcohol, women, unhealthy and costly food and feasts, they regularly travel abroad for pleasure trips, all these at other's cost. They are  burden on the nations. They  don't have tensions to marry or  grow up children anymore. They keep on creating mess  as their hobby.

*  Careerism  - an evil bigger than Multinational companies :
Career is a new concept. Traditionally people used to have job (working for someone - working under someone) , business, goverment job or office, factories, profession, artistic persuits.. and so on.. 
But however "career"  is the most irresponsible type of occupations which have become popular in market. These "careers" are eating away the society, nation, businesses etc. Anyone who is genuine from industrialist to worker, from politicians to political worker, from God man to housewife - all have to face this big racket , biggest corruption of "Careerism".

Career means the classical way to escape from the full responsibility to task, people, society and nation  and  safeguard one's small , selfish interest in defined way by market.

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