Monday, April 19, 2010



Yes This is need of the hour , especially in India. Government is totally acting against the need of the our country. At the cost of improving and promoting the public transports in terms of rural roads and public utility vehicles; Government is allocating , all the time , money energy to promote private transports. 

* This creates the divide in mobilities of Rich and poor, mobility of Urban v/s Villagers, mobility of Employed v/s Unemployed. 

* Mobility is required  for an individual for his survival, business, growth, employment.  So this  'Mobility divide'  gives  rise to further socio-economic gap between  HAVES and HAVE  NOTS. 

*On the other hands , all the highways and  roads  build by NHAI etc Government authorities and ministries build the roads which are little  use to a common men if public vehicles are not designed  to suit the needs of the public at large. 

*From the environment point of view also the 'number of people served per liter of petrol' is low with private transport compared to public transport.

* Also private transport increases the Crude Oil Bill of the country to new record breaking heights with less and less people using more and more subsidized oil.

* Also a large part of money allocated for bank loans for private vehicles is diverting a large pool of money to private transport. 

I am not asking to have bad and cheap quality transport, but as already advocated by many environmentalists, like Sri Sunita Narain of CSES, there is need to have all the exhaustive projects to create green public vehicles need to be implemented. 

I am sure  

*  This will change power equations and create level playing field between rich and poor ; and create balance of power.
*  This will change market for vehicles , the leaders of the automobile and allied industries will change.
*  The game remains interesting when there is a fair play and each participants are participating fully.

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