Monday, January 24, 2011

Tourism Industry - Urgently Needs ; Nationalization and Regulations

Like Other Industries, Private Players like Hoteliers, Tour Operators,
Agents etc.  in Tourism and Travel Industry - These  private players

* have taken all the incentives from NDA and UPA governments
but have not pro actively followed the guidelines and directives of the
Tourism Ministry.

*  This is one of the fastest growing Industry with a major employment
generation but Consumers (tourists) and employees are losers and exploited,
almost looted, whereas Tour Business Men are beneficiary.

There is lot of BLACK MONEY involved in this. Payments given to
Tour and travel companies, hoteliers are unaccounted.

* Tourism Ministry is like a Tooth less Tiger like other Ministries till
they are alarmed by public cry and civil society activism.

*Private Tour Operators are taking Consumers - Tourists for granted.

* They are pleasing and bailing out foreign tourists at the cost of
domestic tourists.

* The Customer Protection laws  , Consumer Awareness are not working.

Warm Regards
Mr. Bankim Shah

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