Friday, January 8, 2010

Be disloyal to your bosses who are disloyal to the nation; Expose them.

During freedom fight of India, lot of  IAS officers resigned from their administrative positions when called upon by freedom leaders. Many patriotic people like Sri Rabindranath Taogore returned their titles "sir" etc. back to British Government.

So here is the time to be patriotic, make the difference, contribute to the nation in a  big way. 

Expose your Bosses and co-workers in Multinational  companies, private companies,NGOs,  Public Sector, Government offices, Police; whoever is corrupt , Anti-social, anti-national .

I can say this at this juncture of time because common men are getting less and less or are thrown out to be unemployed from the  system in this time of financial crisis and inflation.

A change comes from the system within.

In Bhagwat Gita Krishna says to Arjuna that if you will fight the battle, you will be  awarded and rewarded as a  warrior and brave man. even if  you do not  fight , the battle will be surely won by Good against evil.Anyway they will be exposed. you can be part of the revolution. 
As it is the benefits to succumb to the system is going down for the common man and the risk of succumbing to the system is increasing and is about to destroy your individual or family life.

So as soon as possible, be disloyal to your bosses who are disloyal to the nation; Expose them.

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