Monday, January 11, 2010

International NGOs are looting our country

Without giving names I would like to highlight certain male-practices practiced by International NGOs.

1> They just take up some issues of public domain, make seminars , conferences and  campaigns. These they mention as their activities and cause. But they are not dedicated to these cause for a long time. In return, they market themselves to general public and corporate and collect lot of money. For Example Bhopal Gas Tragedy was taken as a cause by some NGOs which they did not pursue for a long time . 

This irresponsible fund raising is like
* Media campaign without being responsible as media.

* politicians without being responsible as politicians.
* irresponsible anti-social elements fund raising for natural calamities without proper identities and looting innocent people.

2> What % of money really goes for the cause and what % of money is spent in staff? People at the higher level of hierarchy  using most of these money of the common men in their handsome and most coveted salary, international  seminar tours etc.

3> They totally suppress local NGOs. Somehow local governments, MPs, MLAs, powerful Media support big fat International NGOs and let local NGOs, who are doing the work on ground, die.

4> These NGOs are with sophisticated staff, influential in media and take advantage of the myth "Whoever is  English speaking is a holy cow, efficient, genuine"

5> They take signature of the donor on ECS mandate form of RBI ; and keep withdrawing money for more number of periods than it is agreed or permitted by donor. They do not reply to donors if they complain for excess ECS  withdrawals. 

So INGOs (International NGOs ) are killing our local voluntary organizations, and looting our country,  the way Multi National Companies are killing our local small enterprises and looting the country to slavery.

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